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you need to download the 64bit version. The DVD Version is only for 32bit.


You just need to sign up on the Aerosoft Website and then you look under support files for the CRJ200. 




You need to download version 1.53. 


You will get an installer for every OS. So you choose the mac installer. Put the CRJ200 in the aircraft folder. The next time you start X Plane 10/64bit with this aircraft, you just have to put in your serial number again. Keep the DVD version if you also want to fly in 32bit sometime. 


Have fun flying :) 

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10.6.8 is way below system requirements, and more than 5 years old now.

You have to use 10.9 or newer with the 64bit version.

Upgrading your OS to 10.9 or 10.10 is free through using the Mac App Store.

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The same problem but I have purchased in Steam. I have mac 10.6.8

Contact me on xabier212@gmail.com


Also, this is not the right forum to discuss Steam content. There are a few minor differences depedning from which publisher you got the content. To minimize confusion throughout the support, I strongly suggest you go to the support forum of the publisher Aerosoft who is responsible for the CRJ on Steam: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/596-crj-200-jrollon/

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