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What did you fly today?

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More work on Toronto:     And testing YSSY stuff in 10.30:  

5cm/pix Orthophotos for the win....!

Updating NZCH for XP10.30

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Sometime last year 2015 I was flying home from  Oshkosh as a simulated flight back to KWJF. And on my flight path I witnessed this and I got excited because at first I did not know what it was first hand, then it hit me. So I looked it up and I was more excited and how this got into X-Plane.  So I thought it was cool and I thought I would share with you all.  So share your pictures that X-Plane got you by surprise.  This surely did and was definitely not expecting that.
Dion Markgraf
AKA: Dionsol




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It all started in Bristol, UK [EGGD] today ...

Crossing DER (departure end of runway)

PETEN1C transition into Linz, Austria [LOWL]

Linz apron in the evening

Inside Praha FIR, 19:21Z

Short final runway 33 at Warsaw, Poland [EPWA}

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4 hours ago, Colin S said:

I vote we rename this topic "what livery of the IXEG 737 did you fly today."

lol, yeah agreed. I at least I'm trying to break up IXEG 737 Love here. But Its the new shiny, after the honeymoon is over things will calm down. I'll still post my GA Pics. 737 is not for me. But that just me. 


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