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What did you fly today?

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More work on Toronto:     And testing YSSY stuff in 10.30:  

5cm/pix Orthophotos for the win....!

Updating NZCH for XP10.30

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What plane/livery is this? I know it's not mine... I only made one because I couldn't find an Aloha one. I don't know if the HD liveries work with XP9 but I've uploaded an HD version with corrected colours and a better tailfin emblem. Also, XP9 is still a pretty sweet version, I have it installed still and occasionally open it up because I haven't bothered transferring all my scenery and aircraft to XP10. XP10 is just for development for me, XP9 is for fun and flying.

PS - never mind! I just noticed the extra windows over the cockpit, this is -700 from XPFW... sorry :P 

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Nice! Do you like the aircraft? I am thinking of getting it.


In terms of quality i would say it's close to their previous releases - 757 & 777.

They certainly improved 3D cockpit and added some neat looking reflections on the inside and the outside, yet i think the cockpit is still lacking the final touch when compared to the very best out there (FJS 737, LES Saab 340).

FMC includes some of the very same bugs i've seen before on the '57 (wrong ETO times, T/D miscalculations) along with some new ones (step climb problems, VNAV restrictions)  ;)

Payware liveries are sadly of medium freeware quality again.


The problem that i have with FlightFactor is that they don't aim for "lite" products. Instead they try to execute PMDG quality addon and then do obvious mistakes and bugs they never fix.

I've made 3 complete flights (2 online) with the 767 so far and there are so many things i like about it that i'm angry it's not a little bit better and more polished  :unsure:

Well, the wait for IXEG continues...  :lol:

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Back at it. 


Short Flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix to practice and familiarize myself with the plane before taking on my long-haul mission from JFK to LHR (which I will post later)


Flight Factor 767-300ER. This has to be one of my favorites, the wing flex is right, the reflections the effects, eyecandy is superb. I really do hope they add the 200, F, and the 400 versions.








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