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Saab 340A - Release week is here!


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Hello, Captains,

Welcome to what we feel is going to be a very exciting week (defined as our own 7 day period starting now)! Why? Well, release time is upon us! The Saab 340A is on final approach and will be ready for you to fly very soon! B)

The last three years of work is about to be unleashed in this new product for X-Plane 10, and we're confident you will agree it to be a game changer. There have been some awesome aircraft released over the years, and this has provoked us to raise the bar during development. We've raised our own bar over here time and time again to strive for better than we already are or ever were.

The Saab 340A will be a study level sim. You can read the AOM from the real aircraft and step into this product and know just what to do; just what to see! We realize some folks are not interested in overly complex simulations, and trust me, we've worked hard to consider you as well. We'll announce more about that shortly! I realize some of you just like to "get in and go," and that's just fine! That said, this product will REALLY cater even more-so to the folks that love a true-to-life simulation experience. Our real world Saab 340 beta test team has been not only a tremendous help, but also good affirmation that we've been doing this right for the last three years; that we have something really special on our hands!

So, what will these upcoming days hold? Well, here's what I can tell you:

1. We are currently wrapping up documentation and working on some last minute systems logic/animations (smaller stuff).

2. Our beta team has been provided their fourth release today, which incorporated a ton of bug fixes (thanks team!) and additions. While the team is busy putting the changes and additions through their paces, we are implementing any fixes or concerns that come up almost right away.

3. A lot of you have asked for a video. Truth be told, our plate has been really, really full with work here. Some of us have pulled up to 30 hour work days without sleep. That said, we will not let you down and more on that will be released in time. :) Video has been released!

4. We are busy testing new download servers just deployed in preparation for release day.

5. Everyone constantly asks about a release date. We actually have a hard date set for this launch already. We will not be releasing this info right now. Last minute things can change, but I thought giving you a time range (I did say a week ;) ) would be more than satisfactory. The ONLY way something will change at this point is if something really, really "bad" happens to the extent we cannot release the product. The chances of this occurring are very slim.

What can you do?...

We've worked tirelessly on this add-on for all these years. We're confident in what a success it will be (just hearing the initial reactions from those involved in the beta make us smile), but you can never have too much publicity. You guys are sometimes our best marketers by spreading the word and sharing your excitement, so please, from today on, if you see something you like with screenshots, announcements, or any other info that will come out this week, share it! If you participate in other forums, that's a great starting point as well. Your excitement fuels OUR motivation!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has followed us on this multi year journey. Our job is almost done, but yours has just begun! Get those checklists out! B)

Enjoy what's to come this week...It's going to be busy with information!

Missed the screenshots?

Haven't seen screenshots/previews or want to look at them again? Check them out below!


Expansive Menu System Preview - September 8th, 2013 
Saab 340A Promo Video - September 6th, 2013
Airborne Early Warning Variant - September 6th, 2013
Weather Conditions - September 4th, 2013
Cockpit and Cabin - September 4th, 2013
Kenya Airways - September 1st, 2013
Silver Airways - June 24th, 2013
REX - June 24th, 2013
Aloha Air Cargo Variant - April 2nd, 2013
NextJet and Cockpit - February 15th, 2013
Cockpit Photo - January 28th, 2013
...and many more!

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Bring it on Cameron :lol: !


On a more serious note, to the development team in-total ... thank-you for your Herculean efforts in getting to the finish line. I know it's a commercial product and everything, but I (and I'm sure many others) really appreciate your serious approach to creating your product! To use an analogy, I rate the product that channels through X-Aviation as the Rembrandt, the Beethhoven, or the Miles Davis of the flight simming world, you are phenomenally good ... based on my personal experience and bias of course! Cheers!

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Congrats to the team, I'm excited to see it and put it through its paces with PilotEdge and FSEconomy, too. There's a 340 up at KWVI and KSAC, I should be able to liberate one of those and do some SFO - LAX runs, then some hops within SoCal.


Are there any US carriers still operating the 340?

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I am not into propellers so much, but because this is such high quality and study-sim i will buy it!

Its important to support the great addons so we can get more of this superb quality in our airplanes!


This is also the first time i wont be buying new aricraft from PMDG (777) just becuase i can´t stand FSX. If they want my support, they have to release it for x-plane! =)

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lol, Ben.. trolling I see, that's an FSX/FS9 screenshot.  The official cockpit screenshots look far better than that and I am anxiously awaiting the ability to purchase and fly this plane.  Awesome job (from what I've seen) and thank you for making it a 'study level' sim - I'd prefer to buy nothing else if at all possible.  Modeling the CRT warmup times is really awesome too, haven't seen that done before.

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