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Bush Pilot's VOR Navigation (unofficial tutorial)

Bamboo Cougar

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Once again, the team at EPOCH Alaska Air and uX-Pa have brought a tutorial to life, much needed by bush pilots when encountering Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

We would like to offer this to you, in hopes that GA Pilots, VFR Bush Pilots and those flying above FL300 would be motivated and have a chance to try a bit of bush flying with some newfound skills.

The Primer Tutorial is in .pdf format and the scenery files are for Version 10 and Version 9.

Both versions have the necessary airports and tutorial items, but V10 is object-rich as well, whereby V9 is bare bones. If enough of a hue and cry comes about, I shall finish off the V9 build to the same level of quality as the V10.






Directly below the banner you will find the downloads - you just need to read the paragraph to grab your files.

Enjoy, and please feel free to reward us by perhaps dropping us a post here, if you'd be so kind.

Membership at uX-Pa or the EPOCH Alaska Air VA is not required to avail yourself of this lesson or the scenery files.

On behalf of the team,

Cheers and Enjoy,


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The tutorial listed above has downloadable scenery content as you may have read.

This content has been updated and enriched.

V10 has had some signage tweaks and a few objects changed to better reflect the nature of the IFR tutorial cited above.

V9 has been fully populated (thanks ottopilot9) for those of you still on that platform.


See the post above for the download links.



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Thanks. What about VOR-DME?


Covering the basics first. DME isn't all that prevalent in the wilds of Alaska, but feel free to use it :P

We picked the location we did in the heartland of the US as it is free of most of those things that distract you when trying to learn a basic instrument skill while flying - like mountains :lol:

NDB on the way and ILS further down the road. The only teardrop approaches you are likely to see in this tutorial series are the ones when you bend your plane.


Awsome website!!!


Thank you.



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Once you download the files, merely unzip the main folder where you will see 2 zipped folders. Unzip each of them and copy the unzipped folders directly into your Custom Scenery Folder. All in one folder?

There are 2 facilities, zipped up.

Unzip each.

Put each one in your Custom Scenery folder, so you have 2 new airports.

That's it.



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all in one folder?  or separate

Wow, ya got me here. I'm scratchin' my head.


There are 2 scenery folders, one for each airport.

One scenery folder is called KSPI. (version info after)

One scenery folder is called KCMI. (version info after)


There is one Custom Scenery folder in the root folder of X-Plane.


Place the 2 aforementioned scenery folders into the 1 aforementioned Custom Scenery folder.



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