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Seeing as how we don't have an official topic up in the work in progress section, might as well put one up.

The good news, I finally got my iMac back. One new LCD, PCU, and logic board later, I'm back in business, and are we ever in business. Over the past several days I've been putting the finishing touches on textures, animations, and have started building the framework for the exterior lighting system. Dhruv and I are confident that spare a few texture details (to the tune of some dirt on the underside of the tank), and normal / spec maps, the exterior model is 100%. Our focus can turn to getting the 3d cockpit up to speed and integration of the plugin features that Sven is working on.

So here's the laundry list of what is new.

•New high resolution textures for the fuselage taking advantage of every last pixel that the 2048 square has to offer.

•Ram Air Turbine texturing minus the fan animation done.

•Exterior lighting textures and lighting framework. We're holding out for a while yet before we do the landing light splashes on the fuselage for a couple of reasons, so don't look for those yet.

•Final refinements to the exterior model including 3D vents, proper APU scoop, new antenna meshes, some fresh UVing to take advantage of normal mapping without artifacts, and a thorough once over of the model to make sure that nothing has been left to chance.

There have been a couple other optimizations, remodels etc to make this generation of the model the most accurate and complete that we've had to date.

And with that, I'm tired of writing. Pictures do a better job anyway.


Some overviews



Night with everything turned on. The logo lights can be turned off. There are numerous other lighting goodies that I won't touch on here just yet.


Gotta love the rat.


Comparison of the old vs new fuselage textures.


For those of you wondering, this was the big announcement that we had planned when Dhruv was here in Wyoming a couple weekends ago. Better late than never!



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Dear all,   for those people who are still waiting for the XPJ 777 i think it's time for some clarification. The fact is: even Dhruv and Alex from XP Jets are waiting. Because the plugin is the bott

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It looks awesome !  :)  :) Thank you for the previews.

Do you also plan to make a "LR" version with wing tips ?

The plan is release the 200 / 200ER as one package. While we're not sure yet where the 200LR, 200LRF, 300, and 300ER will fit but rest assured, we'll have them down the line.


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I think it's time to give you some information about the plugin. Progress is made slower than expectet and the reason is simple: too less time. Especially the last 2 months as i needed to prepare myself for a couple of exams. The written one is done last week, still 2 to come and if all goes well i can call myself "Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung" or the simple translation "IT Specialist for Application development". Because i started programming as a hobby it was time to get some certification.

So, what's the status od the plugin? I spent almost one year to create a nice C++ framework. Framework means it's independent from aircraft-specific code and maybe useful in future projects. And of course 777-specific system implementation has already started. It's impossible to say "system A is done, next system B". If you know the 777 you know the reason: almost each system depends on any other. Example: to implement the electrical logic for the APU you need a APU (we have one, with correct startup and cooldon cycles  ;) ). And to implement the correct logic for the generators you need correct engine-startup logic. To start the engines you need logic for bleed air as well for a few fuel-system valves. Overall, i cycle between the systems to fit the dependencies one by one.

Most of the time isn't spent to write C++ code (because the "writing" the easiest part). Most of the time is spent to read a lot of manuals and documentation about the 777, using a pen and a lot of paper to create some kinds of diagrams how the things work. It's a lot of fun, even if it's sometimes frustrating that the progress is mostly invisible in X-Plane (yet).

Having said this: we're hard on work, progress is made almost every day and i'm sure you won't be disappointed once the XPJ 777 becomes available. And of course i have a screenshot for you. Please don't ask for missing or worng things you might notice, we're still in development  ;D.


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A good rule of thumb around here, and I am sure XP jets will agree, it will be done when its done. Life can be complicated and most of us done work at this 8 hours a day and we can predict exactly how much time we have left. That is the facts. Giving a release date is counter productive, as it gives most of the time false expectations.

What is suggest is to enjoy what x-plane has to offer right now and check back here often to see whats up.

This 777 will be worth waiting for no mater how long they take. It will only be made better with time. I know i want it badly, cause it will be fun to fly around BC and crash it with my friends on Vatsim every Friday night. hehe

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