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Conversion of 32bit plugin to 64bit - developer no longer active

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Hello there,

I hope this isn't committing a cardinal sin by even asking the question but....

As snailpup the developer of the excellent plugin Checklister is no longer active and has not been seen on the .org forum or "anywhere" for that matter for almost a year - and he did announce his intended departure from the flight simulation community - is it possible/ethical for a person with the right skills to take his 32bit plugin and "convert" it to 64bit without his knowledge/permission?

I understand that as part is the user agreement that this kind of thing should not be done without the authors permission, but all avenues to contact snailpup have failed.

What is the consensus of opinion on this one, and would there be any takers to see if this could be done without the original source code?

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,


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I'd been thinking about making a gizmo extension capable of reading these checklist files.. This thread adds weight to the idea.

No promises, but maybe we can build something to do the job..



Mate, I love Gizmo ... not because I really have a specific and detailed informed understanding about what it does, but because ALL my favourite planes use it!

This will be just another chapter in making Gizmo indispensable.



Kris P.

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Hi Ben,

That would be awesome indeed! I personally am quite procedure-driven so having the checklists on hand and have them "interactive" was great for me - slightly less lazy if you will than FS2Crew (as it were!)

For aircraft such as the Javiers J32 and I dare say the upcoming classic 737 a checklist interface would be well used.

Kind of why snailpup wrote his I guess....

Thanks for your input - even if it comes to nothing.



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