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Hello all, sorry for the lack of news but I had to stop the development of the systems due to health problems, now I feel a little bit better so here're two WIP photos that a beta tester sent us,

Doing some test maths with the (wip) PROGRESS page on left MCDU:   while checking at (wip) LEGS page on right MCDU:      

Posted Images

Thanks for feedback AlfaMike...for what I can see in your video you are doing a really detailed and realistic plane...I really love your approach and I'm sure you'll realize a very interesting model to fly

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After the MCDUs I wish to post those TCAS shots.


This one is about Vatsim traffic at KSFO:



This one is about Ivao traffic at LEBL:



And this one is about AI traffic at LICR:



Those are situations while still at ground (function enabled just to take the screenshots, sorry but I've not too much time to scramble like a fighter in order to find and intercept some airborne traffic laugh.png).

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Hello all,

sorry for the lack of news but I had to stop the development of the systems due to health problems, now I feel a little bit better so here're two WIP photos that a beta tester sent us, I hope you like them:





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Hello, I have a few questions about the MD-80 about modelling

1. Is (are) most of the systems modelled such as fire protection, pneumatics, electrical, hydraulics, ect...

2. Is wx and terrain radar modelled

3. Is the alternate gear extension modelled

I hate to sound ignorant by asking these questions but, I am not sure how detailed all the nitty gritty's are.I am a pretty hardcore simmer when it comes to system detail.

So far, based off the photographs it looks like this aircraft will be a real winner. I got a 737 from a popular developer and it runs flawlessly and is the best plane i have seen in XP10.

You all have made a lot of progress it looks like on this plane it looks incredibly well-done quality wise. I hope that it is ready soon.



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Hello Austin,

no ignorant at all your questions are absolutely appropriate!

Here're the answers:

1) Yes, all the systems are modelled: some of them are simulated at 100% (such TCAS) and some not (who do really need the maintenance page of the MCDU?), this because technical and/or practical reasons

2) Wx and terrain radar is under development and I've yet to decide which radar I'll implement (I'm testing various possibilities, wrong implementation means big frame rate impact and I want to avoid that), that's the reason you don't see it between the MCDUs

3) No, the alternate gear extension is not modelled, it could be added in a future update but it will not be in v1.0.

We too hope to have it ready soon, believe me! ;)

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Last week-end our MD-82 was showed in the ModelExpo fair in Verona, there were a lot of interested people and overall judgement is very satisfactory!

Did a lot of online flights, mainly IVAO but even Vatsim, with our working TCAS showing all the online traffic.  

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Hi Eddie, due to time constraints (we're just two people) we're doing screenshots not on a regular basis: we're aware that at this point we should have a website and/or a blog, not only more cockpit and plane photos, but we're still focused to the development and it's pretty difficult for us to stop it and make some marketing activities.

We'll try to do something more about that, thank you for your patience.


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A little preview of the terrain radar work-in-progress:


Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 19.36.49.jpg


Elevations not yet considered, actually I'm working mainly to the terrain engine in order to understand which is the best way to map the area.

Please remember that the terrain radar is not a device originally meant to be high def/high res as we intend today, so a low/medium res could be accepted.

Actually available ranges are 10, 20, 40 and 80nm... I'm sure that further improvements are doable but I always write my code thinking at overall performances, so if I'll introduce some lags because a range extension to 160nm or a better display resolution I'll do a step back immediately.

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Is the weather radar going to be a realistic simulation including attenuation, tilt and gain? In the one picture you posted, it seems to just be the default weather radar overlay (although I could be wrong about that)

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You're right, actually the weather radar screen is the standard one: I did a lot of analysis to understand what data I do need to create a custom weather radar, what data is actually available and which kind of format, then I did some code simulations and all the results bring me to the very 'simple' conclusion that the amount of work to code a custom weather radar is huge to say the least, too huge for just one people with not too much time available (making the terrain radar is way simpler than making the weather radar).

But I can say one thing: that doesn't mean that there's no chance to have a custom weather radar, I'll create it after the release of our MD-82 and before to start to work to our next plane so it will be available as an update.


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