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X-plane 10 777 worldliner VS Captain Sim 777


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  1. 1. Which is better... Captain Sim 777 or Ramzzess 777 Worldliner

    • Captain Sim 777
    • Ramzzess 777 Worldliner
    • Or if all else fails Both (This is only for those who can't make up there mind)

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Ok then this is a battle on which plane is better and is it worth it? (I know that captain sim is for fsx but this is a battle on the plane it self)


This will be judged on how good it is and so on and so forth.

The requirements....


1) price

2) how goog the model is

3) worth it?

4) interior

5) liveries

6) exterior

7) cokpit

8) sounds

9) customs (like menues, things that pop up, etc....)

10) controls (realistic or fake)

11) will it take any frame rate?

12) FINALLY is it suitable for a 26HOUR FLIGHT?



Whis is better Captain Sim or Ramzzess 777?



Ramzzess 777 Worldliner and Captain Sim 777











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I can't say anything of both 777, but i own C-130 from Captain Sim and it is one of the best planes, if not the best i ever bought. Sadly there's no version for XP10 (at least i haven't heard of it), but if their 777 have the same quality as the C-130, then Captain Sim have my vote.

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Ramezzess 777 lack accuracy in terms of exterior modelling while CaptainSim model accuracy is top notch. Xp10 777 have huge gears, inaccurate engine nacelle model with too many

Fan blades, wingflex is wrong/strange, cockpit is a little cartoony, there are more but i forgotten.

Captainsim 777 is better IMHO, model is very detailed like Ramezzess but not as complex in systems than Ramezzess 777. Also CaptainSim 777 product offer a wider range of models not just the 777-200LR, and liveries arent paid for and fictional.

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I have them both. I have all of the CS planes. CS looks better has far less functionality as most of their planes do. Both are good. I like R&Ps T7 better because of the programming. Just my 2cents. Just wish the sounds in x plane could be half of the addons for FSX. Dream engine plugin is a start but still not up to snuff.  

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