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File Name: BAe Jetstream 32 Interactive Checklist

File Submitter: JimboG

File Submitted: 22 Jan 2013

File Category: Plugins and Utilities

Hi there,

Thanks for downloading this file, I hope you will find it as useful as I hope to as I generally cannot cope that well in the Jetstream 32 without following the checklists - I always miss something and then: BANG! There goes an engine.. again.

The intention behind creating this series of (24!) checklists was to help people have an easy way of staying on top of the Jetstream 32 before it gets carried away or you get lost in what it's doing.

I've also seen a lot of people having problems that have been reported as bugs to JRollon when 95% of the time it's down to pilot error. Hopefully this series of checklists will serve to negate some of these errors.

Please read the "Installation Instructions" - I've taken the time to try and cover most issues/questions, so please check there for any pointers!

If you want some visual pointers, I have created the following accompaying YouTube videos, which shows these checklists in action!

X-Plane Bae Jetstream 32 Interactive Checklists - Introduction / Installation

X-Plane Bae Jetstream 32 Interactive Checklists - Aircraft Acceptance to Takeoff

More to come as I get time to do them....


James Gillies

forums.x-plane.org "JimboG"


Checklists Included:

Aircraft Acceptance


Before Engine Start

Automatic Engine Start

After Start


Before Takeoff


After Takeoff




Before Landing

After Landing


Manual Engine Start (Left)

Manual Engine Start (Right)

Engine Fire (Left)

Engine Fire (Right)

Both Engines Fire

Engine Failure / In-Flight Shutdown

Descent/Approach - Single Engine

Landing - Single Engine

Go Around/Missed Approach

Click here to download this file

Edited by JimboG
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