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DSF Scenery Packages - Portoroz Aerodrome - ALSG

Peter T.

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File Name: Portoroz Aerodrome - ALSG

File Submitter: tramkp888

File Submitted: 06 Aug 2012

File Category: DSF Scenery Packages

X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9

Portoroz-By ALSG

-Info about the airport from wikipedia-> CLICK

This is Portoroz LJPZ-Project inherited from Matija Skerjanec a.k.a. brent123

Features of this scenery->

-Crisp Hi-Res texture, mostly 2048x2048 Resolution

-Average Orthophoto

-Detailed objects

-3D Volumetric grass

-Freeware! :D


-Kyle Sanders, Saad Belouafi, and Matija for resources

-Chris K for the modded .for files (grass) [sorry if I'm not allowed to redistribute, if I'm not allowed ill remove the 3d grass]

Hope you enjoy the scenery! :)


-Update for Portoroz has been released! here there are new concrete textures to match the real-world counterpart pavement look, new skidmark textures, and more! this update is really worth having and should be downloaded to get more from this scenery! plus still XP-9 compatible.

-We hope you enjoy the update, the Aeroliner Studios Group


Click here to download this file

Edited by tramkp888
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I have tried it, and it is a very beautiful scenery. I love the detail it has, specially on building and grass. There is an issue when loading it (with one of the textures I guess) although you can load the scenery normally. So many thanks!

Wating for more from Slovenia.


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