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Repaint / Paintkit question

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Good morning,

I'm in the progress of creating a BAF livery.

This livery has the aft cargo doors.

Your paintkit fuselage shows 6 windows but when the plane is rendered it shows 7 windows ?!

Magic ? Am I overlooking something ?

I'm not sure what file is used to render the 7th window or where the "alpha channel" for the cabin windows is loacated.

The problem lies that the DC3 with cargo doors only has 6 windows, so I need to find a way to delete the 7th window (located next to the hinges of the cargo door)

Thank you so much



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When I first modeled the DC-3, I mistakenly put 6 windows. It was baked, textured, and everything visual was done and we moved onto avionics, animations, coding, etc...

Then it was pointed out to me that the vast majority of DC-3's have 7 windows. That's when we had a bit of a crisis, because I would have to modify the fuselage and risk messing up the appearance of the windows and the surrounding area of the fuselage.

Needless to say, I managed to add the window without damaging the area around it. So the Fuselage texture has 6 windows, but there is a section of the mesh (the 7th window) missing, and that section has now been mapped onto Windows.png.

The problem you face now is covering up that 7th window. This won't be easy, as the windows are set to be lit as a glass object in Planemaker and the actual texture for the window is a "sheet" of glass that has some Alpha in it.

If you open Windows.png, you'll see what I mean.

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