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Norway Roads - Woah

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And I quote the reporter in the segment in regards to the alledged wrong tiers "that will teach them" stating further that several foregin drivers do not chain up their trucks here in Norway in the winter, this is a fact for sure.

Worst part is, they do not learn either, well except from the one in this footage, he will hopefully learn.

But we see it every winter, either the truck slides of the road, or it is stuck in the midle of the hill climb, even sliding back down is seen in the news every winter.

My advice, chain up or give up trucking.

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Even though this country isn't big, the climate is very different from north to south. I'm near Trondheim (ENVA, Værnes if anyone wanna fly there) right now. It has been snowing for over a week non stop, until today. The total amount of snow: 1,2m - on top of what already was there!

But only a few hours south of here (by car) there's no snow. The grass is getting greener and they are sunbathing.

Most truck drivers probably know this climate the most, and aren't prepared for the sudden changes.

In the small town I grew up in, there was several days I couldn't get to school, because the only road was choked by one or more trucks, stuck in either of the two hairpin corners. Between these two was a steep hill. Even though there are multiple pockets near the foot of the hill with big signs for "TRUCKS, SUIT UP! WEAR CHAINS!" and warnings about x % climb, looks like none of the foreign truck drivers give a damn.

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