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Hello Philipp,

I'm sorry, I have another issue with the PFD : it doesn't work correctly. As you can see below, the image is transparent. And I cannot change the format nor the range with the button : it turns well when I drag my mouse on it, but it has no effect on the PFD, even in normal display. And when I want to quit, XP crashes.

All plugins are disabled.




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I have a problem with the PFD and ND also.

If it starts with the engine running those displays go off after not more than 1 minute.

If in cold and dark, after energizing the apu gen, they remain blank!

What's the matter??

I have Windows 7 with Xplane 10 and version 1.4.1 just downloaded at xplane.org and already registred!

Thanks for the Help!


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