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[CLOSED] CRJ-200 route will not show on MFD

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I am using CRJ-200 version 1.40 from Rollon, with X-plane 9, MAC version. I am encountering the following problem: the MFD will not display the map correctly. In spite of the fact that the navigation system manages to intercept and follow a route, the route legs will not appear on the MFD in the "live" mode. Besides, the PFD displays an odd sequence of legs, with wrong mileage.

In the example in the screen shot, I have just taken off from KBOS (Boston Logan), with a route to CYUL (montreal). I have intercepted the route right away and the FD is now following it, but the PFD displays my next waypoint as KBOS with a wrong mileage, the MFD does not display the route on the compass and has also an odd sequence of legs (CYUL repeated twice-mileage is wrong) on the side display. Any ideas?

Thank you!


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please do not cross-post.

I answered your question at length on the .org forum.

Please ask your question at the site where you actually bought the plane:

Otherwise we might end up answering the same question multiple times, which certainly won't lead to anyone getting answers quicker.

Thanks for your understanding,


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I had the same issue, and it took well over an hour to find the relevant post on the x-plane.org forum. The manuals and tutoral for the CRJ have not been updated yet to reflect this change in the functioning of the FMS.

For the sake of others with the same problem, here's the link. And here's the text of that post:

Your flightplan was not activated, because you didn't select a runway and SID (Standard Instrument Departure) at KBOS. If you had done that, the entry KBOS would have been replaced by the takeoff runway, and at would appear blue instead of magenta.

The Rockwell Collins FMS4200 does not work like the standard X-Plane FMS. You have to select a departure before you actually depart.

Also, you have a MOD FPLN (See the white MOD in the title and the EXEC prompt in the message line. The Autopilot in NAV mode will only follow the ACT FPLN, never the MOD FPLN, which appears as a dotted line on the MFD. Making the MOD FPLN the ACT FPLN is done by pressing EXEC.

As for your PS, saving and loading flightplans also works on the ACT flightplan, not the MOD flightplan. So you have to EXEC the flightplan before saving it.
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