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IXEG Whats Next (for 2024)


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Hi all,  with the upgrade transition finished,  I thought I'd report on whats planned to help set expectations for the future and into 2024.

A high priority is weening off of technologies that may cause "show-stoppers" for customers or in danger of causing conflicts as XPlane and computers evolve.   This means the transition to the FMOD sound engine is first up...as we've seen some issues for customers and is a sign that things aren't going to get better.   This is a pretty good sized job as we have quite a few sounds we have to port  and we also have a LOT of code we have to excise without breaking other things.   A port to FMOD easily sets the stage for many more years of compatibility.

We don't work completely linearly...so in interstitial gaps in time between FMOD work,  we'll also begin integrating in the XP11 Navdata format.  Users won't see this for some time as its a big under the hood change.  This is necessary not only to improve the IXEG FMS, but is also necessary for two future products with FMSs and as with FMOD...ensures forward compatibility...so this move to the XP default is also quite important.

Third,  we'll also begin work on the FMS VNAV / holds / performance predicitions.  This work depends on the XP11 navadata to some degree, but not competely so we'll be able to make strides in this department while working on the XP11 navdata format transition also.

Also, we're refactoring (rewriting) an enormouse amount of code for future-proofing and developing a new graphics library along the lines of what the RSG and TorqueSim folks are using.  This will open the door to more engaging graphics for GUIs and value-added interfaces such as failures and EFBs etc.

and Finally, we'll work on a new, high-resolution exterior model with new paint kit.

We expect this work to take most of 2024....but it very much has applicability in the other projects we're doing so the end of the road isn't just some "under the hood" stuff on the IXEG, but also new models.

Thank you for your support, we'll continue to keep working.

-Tom Kyler

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