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IXEG V1.5 for X-Plane 12 - confirmed bugs


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for everyone´s support and feedback for our initial launch of the IXEG 737 in XP12. This post will detail the bugs that were reported and confirmed by us. This post will be updated regularly and shall serve as a tool to check if something you observe has already been reported.

  • Activation issues with the DRM that revolve around the "Level 2 check" failing - fixed
  • Wiper switches not working - fixed for next patch
  • Standby airspeed indicator drum not moving - fixed for next patch
  • Bullseye windows on doors 3L and 3R too far outboard - fixed for next patch
  • VRconfig.txt file missing - fixed for next patch
  • Starter not strong enough at high density altitudes - fixed for next patch
  • Engine start process going too fast - improved (total duration matches) but fix in LR´s court
  • Wing illumination light not working - fixed for next patch
  • Visual texture glitch on underside of left wing - fixed for next patch
  • Taxi light a bit too dim
  • MCP backlighting a bit too dim
  • Window heat OFF logic reversed for right side windows - fixed for next patch
  • No turnoff light for right side - fixed for next patch
  • INVALID ENTRY message when trying to manually enter a V1 on TAKEOFF REF page - fixed for next patch
  • Pitch up moment change during liftoff and landing too strong - fixed for next patch
  • Idle fuel flow too low - fixed for next patch
  • No CDU backlit keys - fixed for next patch.
  • FMC / Gizmo crash when executing VNAV calc with only one waypoint in LEGS - fixed for next patch.
  • ECAM gauge needles not lit up at night - fixed for next patch.
  • Added four commands to command the fuel lever to idle/cutoff.  For hardware binding to buttons/switches.
  • Linked to default XP commands to connect/disconnect/toggle the GPU.  Helpful for VR users.
  • Cockpit door default to pen in the Turn-around mode
  • Cockpit door occludes front galley lighting at night when closed.
  • Fuel Crossfeed annunciator dimmer (less bright) when crossfeed valve open.  Was too bright.  - fixed for next patch.


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