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Reality XP GNS 430 Issue in Torquesim SR22TN Entegra

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Hello, I’ve got a problem with the RXP GNS 430 causing the GPS1 in the Entegra SR22TN in X-Plane 12 to go absolutely haywire. If I build a flight plan in the 430, then set GPS1 on the PFD, it keeps flickering between showing info for the next waypoint and nothing, as if it doesn’t have a waypoint selected on the HSI. From what I can tell, I think GPSS seems to be steering the aircraft correctly. I have downloaded and installed the configuration file for the RXP GNS 430, but this doesn’t seem to make a difference. I also do not have a flight plan in the default 430 previously loaded. I just load in and select the RXP 430s at the start. Any help is appreciated!


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I really have no clue how this fixed my issue, but while this was going on, I was also having some really strange problems with the Lama helicopter. I fixed that by removing the XPUIPC plugin. Then I went back to the SR22, having forgotten to reinstall XPUIPC, and my issue with the RXP GNS went away. So, evidently, RXP does not like XPUIPC! 

Anyway, thank you reaching out and looking into this. I do appreciate it! I love the SR22!

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