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2.1.0. Windshield rain pixelated

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Regret to say that, but I have this with Mu only. :( 4B_OEM and 5B_GNS - same results. Updated video driver, refreshed XP12, restarted.

Looks like it is somehow interfering with mealiness or reflection, if you ask me. Or incorrect rendering order.

Please see below default 172, Q$XP also fine.

Effect is seeing better on dark background.

Cessna_172SP - 2023-05-18 20.28.21.jpg

xsMU2B60_5B_GNS - 2023-05-18 20.30.25.jpg

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15 minutes ago, OneOffRegistrationUser said:

4B_OEM and 5B_GNS

and your 4B_GNS and 5B_OEM also?   I need to know if its all variants for you, or only specific ones.  That's definitnely not a rendering order bug, thats something else.   All variants work fine here on my end, I can't reproduce it.  May have to punt this to Laminar.  I'll shoot the screenshots up the chain.  



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19 minutes ago, OneOffRegistrationUser said:

Please see below default 172, Q$XP also fine.

Doesn't really tell me everything.  These objects specified for rain, are also the same ones specified for ice.  The 172 has neither wiper effects or ice effects....and I can't speak to if the Q4XP does.  It could be these shader for those effects, with your video card could be a strange combo.  If you want to open the Q4XP....find out which object is set to "Rain Glass", then open that OBJ text file and look for the words "WIPER"   and "THERMAL_source" at the top of that OBJ file....that would be  a data point for debugging we would work with.


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Reporting back:
Bad news: All Mu versions are affected for me.

Good news:
- Int_Glass_Reflector.obj - once it is removed from ACF issue is gone but together with that nice thermal pads.
Removing NLM or LIT not solving this issue.
- Workaround: Set Int_Glass_Reflector.obj as Glass (Inside) in ACF. Issue is gone. Seems like reflection is gone too, which makes me even more happy! :)

Real root case is still unclear. everything is defaulted including driver settings and XP shaders reset. Only Windshield affected for me, side-window nearby is perfectly fine.

Thank you for your time looking in to this.


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8 minutes ago, OneOffRegistrationUser said:

Real root case is still unclear

This still smells of a shader issue to me.  What is your graphics hardware and OS?      The "reflector" object is intended to allow the rain effect to be see through transparent objects that are interior in nature, specifically the sunshades....so that is a good data point that changing that changes the output for you.  I'm going to hit up Laminar to see if this has been reported elsewhere or are any known issues...but it would be nice to have your OS and graphics hardware info.  Thx for reporting!


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hi, bought the addon today. very nice overall, except this exact issue that i have too.

it happens only with MU2 and LR's R22 heli, for some reason. all other planes are fine.


cpu: ryzen 1600x

gpu: amd rx580 (8 gib)

main memory: 32 gib

os: win 10 64-bit

zinc: on


photo attached. zoom in and youll see squares for droplets.


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36 minutes ago, Cameron said:

I've read of a similar issue happening in a different addon. It seemed to be an issue related to Zinc. Can you try disabling that to see if the problem goes away?


turning off zink didnt make any change (yes, i restarted the game of course).


i made a video recording:

two things can be noticed:

1) the glitch flickers whenever the view is rotated or FOV changed.

2) the squares are brightly visible against the volumetric clouds. but the droplets are still square against the ground too. its just much less noticable (see the end of the video). though, im not sure if thats more of a resolution limitation and "intended". the bright squares dont happen on side windows it seems.

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