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MU-2 XP11 engine anti-icing (or lack thereof)

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Hello Tom,


I recently purchased the MU-2 and have been enjoying the snot out of it. I found a seemingly critical bug though tonight that was pretty scary in the finding (at night in the mountains):

The engine anti-ice is not working. On climb out, I got into moderate icing, and de-ice boots, props etc worked as they should. Engine Anti-ice though Was not working whatsoever, I ended up getting into a pretty scary 2000fpm descent before I set a manual key bind to toggle inlet head for the engines. I then got back stable and messed with it some, and the switches on the overhead definitely do not work. So for now, I'm using a manual key bind when I need anti-ice, but just wanted to post this for the next bug fix. Cheers!



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Thx Josh.  I'll double check all my datarefs again and check functionality.   X-Plane has some new anti-ice functionality, so I'll definitely be making a 'icing pass'  to see whats what.  So noted for next release....still pushing on the ixeg for those customers, but as usual, I'll be binging this right after.  Thx again


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