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Engine parameters...odd?

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Is the engine modelling outside of X-Plane? When setting the condition levers to TAXI in the Beta range, EGT rises from 200-300 deg. C to 700 deg. C. Seems rather hot!

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EGT model definintely needs work, especially because of SRL, which X-Plane does not simulate.....so yes, the EGT modeling is outside of X-Plane.    I've received some excellent data from a MU-2 pilot though and plan to incorporate that during my next MU2 binge session.

Now all that being said,  I haven't seen the EGT go to 700 except during the engine start sequence, which its supposed to.  After the start sequence,  I see about 500 with the condition levers in taxi...probably a bit high...most -10 engines run a bit over 400 at idle, but certainly not 700.


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