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Another Takeoff Issue

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Once again I'm unable to properly execute a takeoff.  Previously I had ice conditions that prevented a proper takeoff, this time TAT is 18 degrees so that's not it. V speeds are set and N1 TO.  Takeoff starts normally, but my speed never gets beyond Vr and eventually I sink back onto the runway.  I'm attempting to follow the FD pitch.  You can see in the pic that the speed is set for 200.  What's wrong with this picture?  At takeoff the ATS indication is N1 TO - at the point I'm sinking it's N1 HOLD.  I notice that in the Thrust Limit page there's nothing for climb or cruise.  Is that the issue - and if so how do those get set.

Thanks in advance!  




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58 minutes ago, Mandretti said:

this time TAT is 18 degrees so that's not it

Just a note for the future (and possibly here), the plane will look back in time for METARs to see if it cold enough to frost, or if there was rain/snow, etc. On the flip side it'll also account for melting due to temperature. Best to double check the wings and icing data output when having odd performance issues like you did, who knows what X-Plane might also be applying.

58 minutes ago, Mandretti said:

Is that the issue - and if so how do those get set.

No; they'll appear once the bleed air has been transitioned from APU to engines.

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