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TBM 900 Compatibility with X-Plane 12


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29 minutes ago, Muddie2202 said:

Can some one please provide an update as to when the TBM will be available for Xplane 12

I can certainly appreciate your anticipation and eagerness for the update. Currently, we're working diligently on adapting to the intricacies introduced by X-Plane 12, especially due to its major changes affecting our unique turbine engine model.

While I'd love to give you a specific timeline, we're diving deep into a comprehensive re-write on multiple levels to ensure the best possible experience for our users. Therefore, it's difficult to pinpoint a release date. All I can assure you is that we're committed to getting it right, rather than rushing it. Quality takes time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. It'll definitely be worth the wait.

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