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Help needed: real world Challenger Pilot but beginner with X-Plane


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Dear X-Plane Experts

I am a professional air force pilot flying the Challenger in the real world. However, I struggle with installing and using properly the Challenger SIM application for X-plane - everything seems to be quite complicated. I wonder, who could support me in setting up a good reliable system that comes as close as possible to the real world? As a flight instructor I would like to use x-plane 11 / Challenger 650 as a more than welcome additional training tool and propose it to all our flight crews.

So far, I own the following hardware:

- a Mac M1 Max powerbook (I prefer Mac to WIN)
- a HP Reverb G2 (seems to be not very dependable and reliable)
- a WIN 10 Game Computer with a Geforce 2080 TI (I am no WIN hard-/software geek)
- I ordered a Honeycomb A and B (Yoke and Pedestal) - should arrive within the next few days

My goal would be to use as much as possible the "original switches, buttons, etc." in the virtual cockpit meaning to use the yoke and thrust pedestal only for flying manually. May I call this a mixed hardware/VR environment? Anyone who has the same approach?

Is there anyone out there who also flies the real Challenger 650 as myself?

VR is not my primary goal, although the immersion is of course unmatched. I rather prefer a stable, robust system - as the real Challenger is by the way, too!


Any support would be highly welcome. Of course, depending on the level of support offered, I would be willing to pay for. As another possibility of "payback" I can offer my flying experience on the real plane ... I know it really well.


Thank you and best wishes

Matthias Kalt  (mail: mkalt@me.com)
Capt CL604/650 Swiss AF

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1 hour ago, Matto715 said:

Any support would be highly welcome.

May I suggest joining the Hot Start community Discord server via https://discord.gg/XrXaC3Uz

There is a channel dedicated to hardware setups, and also many knowledgeable and helpful community members, alongside other real world Challenger pilots, and the developers of the product itself.

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