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Passenger Satisfaction?


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I'm thoroughly enjoying this well designed and, as far as I can tell, accurate simulation.  It is a real delight to fly.  But how do my expensive passengers really feel? Graeme (Reflected Reality Simulations) makes mention of this in one of his excellent instructional videos.

When disembarking, my passengers always thank me for the flight, but are they really happy with that +300fpm landing, maybe a bounce and then a less than comfortable deceleration as I rapidly run out of tarmac? Or was the elderly millionaire couple unsettled by the fighter jet like departure followed by discomfort in their ears as we climbed a little too quickly?  Did they really have to wear their seatbelts for the whole flight because I forgot to turn off the sign?  Why did we stop so harshly at the gate?

It would be interesting to gauge whether the flight has been smooth from gate to gate.  Is there a way to measure the parameters of the whole flight? G-forces, vertical speed, acceleration/deceleration, etc.  Is there a way that this information could be displayed in the form of a passenger satisfaction survey after the passengers have disemabarked? It would add that extra depth of immersion. Obviously, it would not apply when there are no passengers embarked, ie. Training flights! 

I note that Zibo has a approach and landing rating display in his excellent 737-800 simulation, the only rating, other than landing rates plugins I am aware of.

I would love to try and develop something along these lines but my software skills are very basic, as in none!

Anyway just an idea to add further immersion to an already peerless simulation.

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Hi, have you checked out the StableApproach plugin? It can be really useful for assessing your approach with criteias such as glideslope deviation if on an ILS with a ton of other features. It also has a config tuned for the CL60 that should automatically download when you load up the challenger. However this plugin focuses on the numbers and wont really give your "passenger satisfaction survey" that you want. The only plugin that I am aware of that might do this is PACX by TFDi but I have 0 experience with this plugin and its paid so you would need to do some research into that.

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Interesting one, we see in reality that a whole list of items determines passenger satisfaction, things you would not think of at first sight maybe: catering (and we are not talking of your average airline catering, but really very specialized on demand catering which should be EAXCTLY as requested, as exotic as you can dream it), the flight schedule (flying on the dates, times, destinations and routes the passenger wants, and they accept no NO), very importantly the service offered by the Flight Attendant (and we are also here not talking about the average airline service offered), the welcome by the Captain at the FBO, the swiftness of going through the FBO, the quality of the lounge in the FBO, the connecting helicopter or limo trip etc. etc. . We rarely if ever get comments on the how the flight was flown itself, but much more on the above-mentioned items! Wonder how Pils will measure those? ;-)   

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This is a really interesting topic.......the ability to evaluate how safely/smoothly you got the plane from point a to point b.

For me currently I know I can get to point b in one piece....but in the real world how well did I do it?  

It would be really cool to get a report of....you left your landing lights on (Toto) :lol: or you violated the altitude/speed restriction on your SID.



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Here are the things that can ruin the perfectly executed trip in challenging weather or otherwise:

Did the wifi/internet and TV (if equipped) work seamlessly?

Was the car (that they arranged and gave us zero info on) there on time ramp-side (if allowed)? If not - was there a van ready to take them to the jet from the FBO ramp-side door to the plane - even after the passenger(s) wandered off to the restroom or took a 10 minute phone call and the van couldn't wait any longer?

Did we have umbrellas ready despite arranging the van in the rain - not knowing they wanted to walk or didn't want to wait (due to what happened just prior?)

Were we able to get the obscure flavor of coffee flavored M&M's that the lead asked for 2 hours prior to the trip?

Did the printer work?

Were we able to fit the 4ft long scale model of the yacht in the wooden crate - that we didn't know was coming - into the baggage compartment? What about the artwork?

Were we able to deal with the last minute notification that the passengers were bringing a dog with them on this international leg?

Were we able to work through the issues created when the passengers decided to leave a passport at home - with zero impact to the passenger? Or related - did a passenger bringing a passport number not matching the information on the manifest cause any delays?

Were we able to change the weather and depart in the moderate freezing rain on time?

Was the rental SUV they had us arrange on their behalf without giving us basic info (drivers license, loyalty numbers) adjacent the airplane on arrival - with no requirement for them to 'go inside' to show a DL or CC?

Were the chicken tenders the boss asked for still appetizing after sitting in the convection oven for 5 hours before she decided to come get them at Top of Descent? (no FA)

The rest of the A to B stuff is part of the base expectation.




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