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X aviation torque sim sr22TN issues

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I have a brand new decked out computer with specs exceeding real sim gear standards. This is what I get with mixture full Rich on approach and with mixture leaned with higher power. Oscillation rpm’s and manifold pressure. Not sure what’s up.  Everything is fixed and maintained. It’s got to be a setting or something. Please be specific with what


I can do.  I fly a cirrus sr22 and know how the plane works and reacts and so far it’s way easier than the sim:)



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22 hours ago, Pils said:

If you can reproduce, please do so with the TorqueSim’s engine debug window open (available via top menu). Also, what are your FPS in sim exactly? Thanks.

If you mean the failures menu all components are green and set to always working. If it’s a different screen let me know where to find it.  My other post has pics about specs and fps video. Thanks

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In the X-Plane menu bar, under the "SR22" dropdown, toggle the "Aircraft Window"

In there, under the maintenance tab, you can perform maintenance on the aircraft to see if something there is going askew. Alternatively, you can reset the state of the aircraft to new by (when X-Plane is not running), delete the contents of X-Plane 11/Output/SR22

Looking at the frame rate, 30fps shouldn't be causing issues on that setup, but I would recommend considering slightly lower settings in X-Plane to increase the frame rate (60fps is the ideal target, 20fps is the absolute minimum). 

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On 10/14/2022 at 5:51 PM, Yo Dizzle said:

Thanks coop.  Do I adjust settings to help frame rate in graphics in xplane?  How exactly do I do that. I attached a pic in case you see other settings that are not right.  



I know, old thread, but I'd start by turning Vsync off. Your PC should be screaming in the 50-60+ FPS region.  Vsync will halve that.

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