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The Hotstart Challenger 650 rocks!


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Guys - this have to get off my chest:

I have been exclusively flying the Challenger 650 for many months now, and I still find enormous pleasure in every flight I make!
I really still learn every day about the aircraft and it systems, be it the avionics, but also the aircraft systems itself, the flight envelope etc. The videos I watched in the beginning make much more sense now, as I now can appreciate every little detail in them, detail I can put to use now. The X-Pilot forum is an incredible source of information, with a very high level of knowledge and support. Second to none. It has also given me an edge in understanding the real life problems we encounter with our CL650.
The aircraft has taken taken me all around Europe in about 150 flights, almost all of them on VATSIM creating an added dimension of 'surprise' - they never give you what you expect.

In short, in my view this aircraft is absolutely worth every penny and I'm looking forward to making many, many more flights with it!


The picture - Challenger meets Challenger during a VATSIM on line event in Corfu, Greece86265417_CL650-2022-07-3122_37_31.thumb.png.b56f19e8f1e1bd04e1f26de5330f03fa.png

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After almost 300 H flying the Challenger (which is incidentally approximately what our pilots fly the Challenger IRL), and more than 300 flighths, the aircraft keeps amazing me.

One of the last flights it threw a NOSE DOOR unsafe at me after take off. Into the hold for trouble shooting, and at the third recycle I got the warning off. 
Yesterday I had a 'sticky' APU LCV valve, would not open. ASU start and I was on my way. After a complete power down the LCV came back to life.
Same flight I had the ATS FAIL, not a biggie and good to really get the feeling for manual trust, cleared after a complete power off.

I am wondering is this intentionally built into the aircraft? I have failures OFF(VATSIM controllers don't like aircraft failures). Or is this wear and tear on my machine? Any way, it teaches you the systems and the study guide is invaluable in those cases.

Finally, knowledge of the fuel systems through amongst others the study guide, helped me in explaining a fuel problem we had on our CL650 recently. I was looked at in amazement - how does he know all that? ;-)

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