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Ocean's Challenger 650 Overhaul Signature / Atlantic

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Ocean's Challenger 650 Overhaul Signature / Atlantic

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Please read the included 'READ ME' File

  • Atlantic / Signature signage / handling slips
  • New 'wood' floors in the FBO with Navigraph screens
  • iPhone 13 reskin for the cell phone. (I still need to redo the SatPhone as the buttons don't look great on it yet from the reskin of the iPhone)
  • Replaced the oil service can with the real Aeroshell 500
  • Refueling slip complete with fuel card (Currently only Shell Aviation)
  • Shell Refueling truck
  • Global Deicer livery.


As a final note: Before altering please ask (as I can probably save you some time with a pre-filled PSD) and If you want to send an idea on a future FBO / fuel truck / any others, please send them to Ocean Tsunami in the Hotstart discord.



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