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IXEG For X-Plane 12 status.


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Great news, I hope it's getting along fine and we'll be flying it in XP12 soon. And I'm looking forward to paying for it and the (hopefully) fully-featured, fully-working 737 Classic. Please just finish it in a timely manner so we can open our wallets.

For me money isn't a problem, I'll just go work some more and earn it back. It's the ~6 year long wait that really hurts. What I do want however is that the paid upgrade is commensurate with the development work done, not what will be promised in the future. In other words if you decide to charge, the work must be completed, and not "Oh it's coming in a free update later on, we promise". Hopefully with Tom back we'll see some real progress.

One final word: If a significant code rewrite is necessary, may I suggest that you give some serious thought about porting the 737 Classic to MSFS in the future. INIsim's port of the A310 is working out fairly well for them, and they're transitioning to MSFS sales with their web store. I hope Cameron would consider branching out to MSFS as well, Asobo is a very talented developer and MSFS is really hitting its stride with the 40th anniversary update, and addons like the Fenix A320 are showcasing what the sim can really do. It doesn't take a genius to know where the money is going, and I only wish you guys more financial success.

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I foresee two 'events' with regards to the 733.  Event 1 is "port to XP12 'as is'.  Event 2 is 'upgrades beyond the port'.  The goal of event 1 is to get it to work in XP12 the way it does in XP11 given XPlane changes.   Those who have made 733 purchases since early this year will certainly get the XP12 port version for free as stated on the XA product page.  Beyond that XP12 port though,  we have not made any determinations about what may or may not constitute a 'paid upgrade' beyond the fact that it shouldn't be egregious or outlandish.   Regarding features 'beyond the xp12 port'... we have and hear arugments all the time for/against variants, cargo versions, etc and have not made up our minds yet about what may be next.  The obvious things todo are the FMS work and upgrading all the 3D/textures/animations. 

As far as MSFS, a lot of us developers have kept an eye out on the whole market/dev process and a port is not a trivial thing, regardless of what Fenix / inisim is doing. We're talking multiple 1000s of man hours easily, and at my age and road traveled, that's a tall order.....regardless of the money potential.   I rather enjoy my little world in X-Plane and those users who also see the same value in it.  Perhaps Fenix, iniSim or someone else can do a 737-300.

I can't speak for any other devs in the X-Aviation ecosystem, but for our part, we'll probably stick to X-plane with the 733...best I can tell from today.



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Im glad about that response, to be honest I dont want xplane addons in msfs, I dont consider msfs as in depth of a simulator as xplane. When developers are having to port aircraft from one sim to another quality drops significantly. Inibuilds are good developers however the msfs a310 is incomplete/buggy, while im sure they will sort the bugs out eventually the decision by them to run on both platforms have left four incomplete/buggy aircraft one for msfs and three for xplane 11. Updates for one platform have to wait until completion of the other. I would prefer if addon developers would stick to one simulator and put the time and effort into one simulator so there arms are not stretched out beyond belief. If your prefer msfs thats fine but in a discussion about the 733 in xp12 I dont think it has a place but each to their own. 

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3 hours ago, Vanadeo said:

Quuuuick question. Does this mean there will be no more updates for xp11?...

Just that I'll be using XP11 for a bit longer as i cant justify switching atm.. unless all focus on all mi fav addons shifts to xp12.. be forced to then lol.

Yes, future updates will be for 12 only.

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5 hours ago, AngelOfAttack said:

I hope some FMC/VNAV function could be make into XP11 as well

I don't think that will be the case. There's a few reasons:

1. We anticipate some big changes for the 12 run

2. It's quite clear in our customer data that 12 is already HIGHLY adopted and favored this early on. It will only continue that direction moving forward. Spending time on previous builds of X-Plane will not be advantageous of the teams time or for majority of our customers.

We will continue to offer the current 11 build for install, but to keep two platforms in development is highly unlikely.

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On 12/26/2022 at 3:57 AM, Tobi_ said:

So when we can expect the 737 to work in XP12?

We've learned better than to give dates; however,  we have a very well defined 'todo' checklist and are working towards this every day, full time, whereas in the past that was not the case.  As such, it'll be more than a few weeks, but less than several months, there is a LOT of stuff to test.  We customized a whole lot of things that have to be audited, assessed and in many cases, 'removed and patched over'.   We are very committed to this guy though and definitely have improvements coming not too far down the road.

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All this info is really promising guys, I'm flying her a few times a week still, based in KMEM and flying the night freighter routes, good fun just now considering the crazy weather in the USA.

Put in 50 hrs of flying according to my records in the 2 months!

Happy to help with any testing if need be, just let me know.

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FYI.....still full time on it.  still on schedule...still have our same 'target date' not too far on the horizon.  Again, more than a few weeks, but less than several months ( minus the weeks since last report) :).


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