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MU-2 for X-Plane 12 status.


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I have not officially begun to test / port the MU-2 to X-Plane 12; HOWEVER,  I have been testing it regularly in X-Plane 12 and the good news is that it seems at first glance....to be mostly functional....FOR.....daytime flight.  I say this because the biggest change in X-Plane 12 is the new atmospheric and lighting engine..and this requires new "directive commands" for lighting that were not present in X-Plane 11.  The nightlighting is practically non-existent until I make the required changes.  Also I have to make some notable changes to take advantage of the rain effects....so the V11 version "in V12" will not have the new windshield effects.  So....daytime and dry seems to be mostly OK using the V11 version in V12.  I know there are some turbine engine changes also I have yet to test...so unsure what their effect will be.

The plan is to get the next release patch, 2.0.3 out for V11 (relatively imminent), and then begin the official port / testing process for V12.  Probably will begin the work next Monday.  I do not expect it to be terribly long.  Chances are XP12 will go through some growing pains anyhow and I'll be right there alongside the process testing/tweaking the Moo.

Experienced XP users should know to keep their XP11 versions around until they're fully happy with V12.  :)

Here's a few screenshots of the Moo in V12.  Not terribly bad, but I may tweak it after I get going.  Things tend to look a little bit shinier in V12...but also brighter, which is good.






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On 9/6/2022 at 10:08 AM, Matchstick said:

Is it safe to assume the Gizmo licensing system is working XP12 as well then ?

Yes Gizmo works in XP12. I did a fresh install on the MOO this afternoon and licensing works perfectly plus the MOO menus works as it should. First flight tomorrow if all goes to plan. 

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Same here... Fresh install in XP 12 Folder and a quick test... it seems to work normally, of course a deep test and longer fly needs to be done to check all the functionality, but so far so good.

Happy to have extra aircraft to the default ones in XP 12!!!

Very good job thanks!

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quick update.  Last week was a wash for the Moo XP12 conversion....the AP docs taking a bit longer than anticipated (but 95% done) ....and a few "transition obligations" were called in last week by companies I severed ties with but pledged "transition help" to not leave those groups hanging....including Laminar.   I fully expect to have the next 2.0.3 patch out in 2-3 days with the GTN option for the windows guys...and will roll right into the MU2 12 update.


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