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How to Encrypt Gizmo Code?


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I am thinking about using Gizmo for a payware project and was wondering if there is a way to encrypt my code, because I don't want to make it visible to everybody. Since Lua needs no compilation, I was wondering if it is possible at all.

If I remember correctly, Cameron stated in a post that it is possible to encrypt the code, especially for a payware project, but how can I do it?

Is it only possible if I would sell the final product via X-Aviation, and yould I need to send my code to somebody else, in order to get it encrypted?

I am just asking, in order to find out what my possibilities and options are, before I make my final decision to use Gizmo or the official C/C++ SDK.

If there is no chance to encrypt it myself, I will probably use Gizmo for prototyping, but will make the final implementation in C++.

That would be really a pitty, because Gizmo looks awesome and I would love to work with it.


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Gizmo encryption is currently available to X-Aviation products only. We have progressively changed things around, so at this time the code is sent to X-Aviation and the encryption process is returned within a day in pretty much every case.

We are working to bring back the ability for X-Aviation devs to encrypt their files with a standalone program on their own, but at this time we handle all encryption through strict NDA and contract, which prevents any code from getting into unintended hands.

Gizmo is designed to really streamline your coding process and make it easy to create amazing products for X-Plane while also being a huge time saver. Bear this in mind when making your final decision!

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