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Landing lights are too dim -me thinks-

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This is not a bug or a request but I wonder if the illumination provided by the landing lights is right. With those two extendable big reflectors in the front I would expect the landing lights to be quite good but in the sim they are very very dim. In the videos I watched with the Mu-2 landing at night they are brighter, the big difference can be seen once the plane is on the ground, irl the landing lights are very bright in the sim they barely illuminate the runway.

I hope you can check this and if needed calibrate the lights properly because landing the mu-2 at night in poorly lit runways is not a good idea as they are now :)


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Definity a bit subjective...in that some folks have described them as dim, etc....but I myself am in favor of 'more light' and its an easy tweak.  I'll up the value until more people complain its too unrealistically bright than don't complain :)


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