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Air Cond packs on turnround


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A very small issue. I worked on 733,s for thirty years as a line eng. On startup or transit we always had the left pack on and the right pack off.  This was because the baggage handlers worked within feet of the pack inlet while loading the forward hold, and having something sucked into the inlet had happened. (To anyone not familiar with the system, air cond pack operation on the ground is possible by vast quantities of air being sucked/blown through the 2 pack heat exchangers by a turbine, so the suction at the inlet is considerable).  

In your cockpit setup, it's the other way round, the right pack is running. Now our configuration may have been a local SOP, but if there is no objection it would be nice to have the packs set up as requested, left on, right off.

2. Isn't it about time you requested a payment for an upgrade. Or a donation.

3. Thanks for your outstanding 733. It's simply the best.

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I am inclined to go with your suggestion - it is true that we often had the left pack running because it was not only safer (and a bit more quiet) for the baggage handling personell, it would also cool the cockpit a bit better (at the expense of the cabin cooling :P).

So I noted your suggestion and will try to remember to implement it for the next update.

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I write this having just "flown" your 73 from Nadi Fiji, NFFN, to American Samoa "Pago Pago" NSTU, In US Navy livery.

Note, In the fijian language there is a silent "N". So NFFN "Nadi" is spoken as Nandi.

We live in NZ and traveling out into the South Pacific is magical.

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