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Please add a rain effect to the cockpit glazing in openGL xp11

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Greetings Dear Friends! I bought a Decent MU-2 v2 aircraft and I am very pleased with the device. You can ask the developers to add a rain effect to the windshield of the cockpit, as done in ZIBO 737 on OpenGL. Thank you very much for the plane


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I did look into this; however,  I have a Apple Mac M1 with ARM architecture and librain isn't built for this processor and I'm not equipped to do so unfortunately.  X-Plane 12 will include the effect by default so most folks are looking towards V12 as the future of this kind of thing......though I know this doesn't help on V11, sorry.  I don't have plans to integrate it into V11 unless librain magically falls into my lap, compiled for my processor.

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I've been corrected somewhat on the whole ARM librain thing; however, I do recall looking into this earlier and there being some kind of issue that caused me to cease for some reason I can't recall now...  I may look into this again, but because the effect will be default in XP12,  and in my long experience in X-Plane....new versions tend to leave old in the dust relatively quick, I can't say exactly when I might look at this again for V11.  Its in the back of my mind just the same.

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5 minutes ago, jfwharton said:

Maybe so for those who plan on purchasing XP12.  

There's a difference between a dev's time, and a customer choosing to be one of the few staying behind in X-Plane 11.

That's ultimately your decision, but the explanation by @GridiroN was spot on. We will be implementing things like rain in XP 12. Making X-Plane 11 features that only work in OpenGL at this point is not a good use of developer time given the proximity of X-Plane 12. That's where 99% of the customers will be headed! :)

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