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Hotstart CL650 Framerate Issues


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Hey Challenger Community ,


I just bought the challenger 650 a few days ago. Great plane totoritko!! I just have a massive problem with the framerate. On the ramp with engines running ~20-25 fps (Toliss 30-40fps/Q4xp 25-30fps), but in the climb from ~ FL200 only 13-19fps. No custom scenery, no orthos only simheaven. 

Im running xp on a mac m1 16gb RAM. I already read this thread: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/23128-addressing-performancefps-issues/


I tried to convert this idea of cpu prio in the Mac world via the command „renice -n 15 -p (XPLane ID)“ without any success. 

I‘m not a techy at all but maybe someone has an idea that helps besides buying a new computer?

More info:

Visual effects = high

Texture quality = high

Antialiasing None Anisotropic 1x

World objects & reflection = low

Metal driver is on

Stock livery

@SCIP 30fps (Toliss 321 65-70fps/Q4xp 33fps)

3jFPS not helping at all even with auto LOD and shadows off


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi there,

The M1 Mac (I'm going to assume you're using something like the 16GB M1 Mac Mini) is the equivalent of an Nvidia GTX 1650m GPU.

Our minimum spec listed on the product page is a GTX 970, which is 22% faster than the M1 Mac.

You would need to upgrade to something like the M1 Pro at a minimum to meet specs of running the Challenger.

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7 hours ago, Tohlmanl said:

Do you think there’s some hope for a more smooth fps in future xp12 without Rosetta translation?

In general, I do not expect X-Plane performance to significantly improve without Rosetta. The reason for this is because X-Plane 11 is already using the full Metal API, and with X-Plane 12 adding MORE details than present in XP 11, it will not be any easier than you currently experience.

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A update to the minimum system requirements for mac would be nice. I think for many people it’s hard to compare apple SoC to usual graphic cards and if you have to use mac, one won’t choose to buy intel macs anymore… Especially at the price of this (for sure) beautiful plane…

LR is doing the same with xp12

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The relevance of Intel vs M1 is pretty much moot from a CPU standpoint. The M1 chips are plenty suitable as a CPU, so that's not a concern considering how modern they are.

It's the GPU you'll need to focus on. We give a reference set of specs with which you can easily research comparisons for online with the use of a search engine like Google. It took me roughly one minute to find all I needed to compare the performance of an M1 to the minimum spec'd Nvidia card we provide.

It's really no different for AMD CPU or GPU users either.

I'll consider creating some kind of Apple specific M chip recommendations, but in this case the internet really does make this stuff pretty simple overall!

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