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Let L-410 UVP-E4 Turbolet

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I'm happy to announce the release of v1.0 of the Let L-410 for X-Plane 10.45+ with 3D cockpit. After nearly 6 years of bumpy development and a long beta testing phase, the Let L-410 is here. Th

Let's call this day "Devil in the details" day Did you spot the difference?  

Release 1.0 is closing...   This is the point where I say "stop" for v1.0. You never really can finish a plane. Still, there are awful lots of things to do. But let's leave those for v2.0 So

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As promised before, showing something visual ;) 


You can overweigh the plane (in a certain range), also get CG out of the envelope, so you have to carefully plan before any flight ;) If you're more like in a "just jump in and fly" mood, you'll be able to that as well of course :) 

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8 hours ago, mjrhealth said:

I think its a bit like the aviation industry all the developers seem to be grounded.

Not really the case here ;) But having a full-time job always slows things down :) 

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