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SR20 Entegra does not want to activate


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After the installation and the first start in x-plane the popup appears and I enter my logging data. My logg in data is accepted but the plane remains in exactly the same state as if I had not been activated.

Here is my log.txt and please can you advise what to do???



Here parts of the log:

FlyWithLua Info: The folder /Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts (Quarantine)/ does not exist or it is empty.
2022-05-20 22:35:52 SR20[Main.cpp:670]: #=#=#=#=#=#=#= [PLUGIN NOT ACTIVATED] =#=#=#=#=#=#=#
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: Airport flow changed at LTBS!
CurFlow: AUTOGEN: East NewFlow: AUTOGEN: North
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: Changing LTBS CabState from 0 to 1
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: All departures are done at LTBS. Advancing...
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: Changing LTBS CabState from 1 to 2
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: All arrivals are done at LTBS. Advancing...
0:02:08.210 I/ATC: Changing LTBS CabState from 2 to 0
0:02:35.020 I/OVR: User is entering the holodeck.
0:02:36.483 I/OVR: User is leaving the holodeck.
0:02:36.483 I/SIM: User confirmed they want to quit
0:02:36.509 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_Normal to state_ShuttingDown
0:02:22.881 G64:  core: Run: [OnBeforeXPSavePrefs]
0:02:22.897 G64:  core: Run: [OnBeforeXPSavePrefs]
FlyWithLua Info: Load exit file.



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From the log.txt, it appears the aircraft validation file isn't able to download the validation file from our CDN server (https://cdn.torques.im/active/sr/sr_ent_active.lic). This is most likely due to one of the other plugins you are using not releasing their network connection preventing us from establishing the download. Try temporarily removing your plugins to see if the problem is resolved. The most likely cause is 124thATC64 as we've seen it occur with that once before, but it could be a different plugin if that doesn't fix it.

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