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Saving and Load Situation for CL650


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Trying to save a situation that is ready for takeoff, with engines running and all cockpit is already setup.

The save seems to work but when loading the situation, everything is frozen, engines are off, and I am unable to change anything.


doing the same with different aircraft works just fine.


repro -

1. start a new flight. start APU and engines. set some switches as you need them for a flight.

2. Load the saved flight

Result - static situation is loaded but without all systems off.


not sure if related, but the "Start Engines" (CTRL+E) option does work also




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Ah. Unfortunately that really only works with default/basic aircraft addons, not complex third party ones with custom systems like the CL-650. You’ll need to use the 650’s own state saving system via Airframe Manager.

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