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Climb and VNAV


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Good morning to all, 

first... sorry for my bad ENG. :(

I have a question on CL650 (fantastic airplane... the best ever), in descending procedure the VNAV work fine, any quote and speed are respected (double click on PERF key and select the active speed, the speed is displayed in purple, the same in Direct page for the quotes) , is it possible to use the VNAV also in climbing ? (quote and constraint)

If yes is it possible a little HOW TO ?

Thanks in advance

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You only want to use VNAV in climb during an immediate SID that has alt and/or speed restrictions. Do not use it full the full climb as you will end up crashing the plane. It is already documented here that you use IAS/FLC mode to climb long term. The ATS will shut off if on climb too long and the AoA gets too high/speed too low due to temperature checks

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