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Cockpit and Instrument Lighting Has Gone Dark

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In the middle of a mid-day flight the cockpit suddenly went dark - everything except the powered avionics like the ND, EHSI, CDU etc.  None of the panels or instruments have lights.  External views are fine. I've done the usual things:  I (X-Plane) fixed all faults, then reloaded aircraft no art, then restarted flight, then exited X-Plane and restarted with a new flight, then I started using another aircraft (it was fine), and then came back to the 737.  I've disabled XP Realistic, restored default XP shading (X-Vision) and disabled X-Camera just in case - although those have been running fine with the AC for months.    The log shows nothing unusual.   

I've not made any recent changes or updates either to XP, Windows or Aircraft and Plugins. 

I know all the usual things to try - remove all plugins, reinstall this that and the other thing, repair this, update that etc.  So I'm looking for more specific information (if it's available) before I head down that rabbit hole - like somebody that has seen this problem previously and knows the fix, or knows a specific way of troubleshooting this.  The fact that this happened mid-flight is baffling.  

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Mandretti,

if I had to bet I would place my money on some weird interaction with X-Vision.

If this happens again, that would be the first thing I would try to change - remove it temporarily and see if that helps.

Good luck and let us know how it goes,



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