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How to set autoreverse key

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Hi, I'm MU-2 B 60 user and I've a problem with the reverse. I'd like to use a keyboard key or SaitekX52 key to use reverse but after trying with different keys nothing happens. Only using 3D view with my hand can use the beta range down till reverse.

I've try also with the throtle adjustment (add response curve > clicking "has beta/reverse retens") but nothing happens, I dont know how to do it or if I'm missing something or doing something wrong.


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The SHIFT 'backslash' key, is the normal default "toggle" between reverse and forward thrust for the 1.9 series MU2.  Also, there is a preference to use "split throttle lever" versus "realistic".   To use the key to toggle between reverse and forward, you will want that preference set on "split"

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