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CRZ ALT Change


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This is the first time I've noticed this, but while en-route and changing the CRZ ALT in PERF INIT, it did not update the new cruise altitude on the legs page. When I tried putting in a lower altitude, it updated the legs correctly. I am within the cruise capability charts for weight at the new altitude. I tried other higher altitudes as well and it won't update for anything above FL360. I've included screenshots below showing both the higher and lower altitude inputs. The only way to force the legs to update to FL380 is to manually enter it on a leg in the legs page, which will then update the proceeding legs.


Did not update:


Updated correctly here:



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Edit: I noticed later that when entering a new cruise altitude in PERF INIT, it did not update the VNAV cruise altitude in the VNAV setup cruise page which could be causing the issue. I'll try to reproduce it in a flight tomorrow.

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It’s possible you’re indeed supposed to set/update the VNAV page rather than (or in addition to, but at that point in the flight probably not?) PERF INIT 1 (just guessing).

Also, one thing to check for would be whether you update the cruise altitude before or after climbing (might be relevant)?



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