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Cockpit Dimensions

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I'm starting a serious buildout of the CL650 cockpit and need a little information on actual cockpit dimensions.  I've search Google with as many terms as I could think of, but I'm unable find any documentation on dimensions.   If I can get an actual dimension of almost anything, I believe I can scale everything else from there.  For example, are the avionics panels the standard "Boeing" width of 5.75", and do they follow the standard Dzus "rack units" for height?  After trying to scale things from that perspective, I'm suspecting they're wider than that because that leads me to a ridiculously small overhead panel (only about 12" x 18") -- which seems crazy.  Any clues at all would help me enormously!



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If I could get the six dimensions in the two attached images,  I'll be able to scale everything else to the level of accuracy I need.  I'm not trying to be ultra-precise -- just in the right ball park as I layout my panels.

A is the width of the 'Electrical Power' panel
B is the height of the 'Electrical Power' panel
C is the width of the overhead at (approximately) its widest point

D is the total width of the panels that make up the FCP
E is the width of one of the MFDs
F is the height of one of the MFDs

That's it -- I'm pretty sure I can work things out from there.




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Wow, thanks a million! 

So those are standard aviation panel sizes and yeah, that overhead is pretty darned small (and thanks, Pils, for confirming that).

I've considered doing a cockpit buildout a few times over the years, but ultimately decided not to because the underlying aircraft just wasn't complex enough to merit the work.  The PMDG 737NG was close -- but I've pretty much abandoned P3D and MSFS just isn't at the 'serious flight simmer' stage yet.   The CL650 is totally worth of the effort -- what an amazing job you guys did.

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13 hours ago, vehum said:

Do you have the color code for the panels as well?

Keep in mind, I couldn't get any "official" RGB code for the panel, as no one had it in any kind of documentation, so I did the best matching color sample I could from various photos, with the most neutral lighting I could find, and came up with an RGB value of 100, 104, 113.

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Hi, thought I’ll show the electrical panel . Still not wired but Almost there .


ive decided to paint the panels all in black , think it provides a better contrast with the white backlight . I know it’s not like the original grey-ish , but hopefully I won’t regret it later :)

requires the bolt cutouts painting ..


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Bit more done . 
CDU now with a PCB , though not a matrix it has saved tons of wires… almost there , most already configured too :)


upper panel buttons … pity the 3D part looks a bit rough …. Bit of sending required .. 

not much but thought I’ll share ..






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