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Unable to fly the aircraft since update on Windows


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Hello everyone,
I've just read this thread and I have to say that I am experiencing the same problems. However, I don't use Mac OS. I am using a windows based system.
As Gsuri mentioned, I managed to do a few flights with the first version, but after the last few updates I started seeing the same weird behaviors as Gsuri:
  1. - the autopilot is disconnected without any motivation.
  2. - Trims goes to the extreme producing an unbalanced situation of the aircraft. It is as if the keys remain pressed. In fact I disabled the joystick configuration of the trim functions thinking that it could be due to that.

I began to think that it was that I was doing something wrong in the start-up of the plane or I had an incorrect previous configuration. Therefore I tried to do some flight with the Cold and Dark mode (without career) but the results were the same: the plane becomes totally unmanageable. Like Gsuri, I have more than 20 years of experience with simulators, although since this plane is so complex, I blamed it on a bad operation of the systems. 

My question is: Was it found any solution to this? 


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Hi again

I've uninstalled the CL650 completely and removed all files related with it. Then I've reinstalled it again and now I could finish the flight successfully. 

I think something was wrong with the last upgrade so the config files were mixed in some way producing strange behaviour. In any case, I will do some other flight to be sure. I'll come back to report about it. 


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