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G1000 Displays stop updating when in Full Screen (or HUD) view...

David Snyder

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I run a 3 monitor system with main monitor for outside view and 2 smaller monitors - 1 for PFD, 1 for MFD.

However, If the outside view is full screen (or full screen w/ HUD) then the G1000 displays do NOT update.  Only when I switch back to "regular" 3d cockpit view, do the screen updates resume.

Anything obvious that I missed to get around this issue?



Dave Snyder


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X-Plane does not draw the avionics in full screen mode, and so the simulation pauses. You must be in a 3D mode view.

You cannot do what you're trying to do here. You can use the 'w' key to look ahead, and then adjust the height of the camera up or down to only show the bottom glare shield.

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