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Better Push Back and Steering

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Hello all, 

      I had an instance where the Plane would not taxi, kinda just go in circles as if there was an issue with the Nose Wheel. I contributed it to the Airport Designer as the Parking lot looked like Gravel. I restarted to an are that look like pavement and all was well. I did use Pushback when it was on the gravel looking surface.. fast forward to last night, and a similar thing happened once again after using Push Back. Has anyone else experienced any issues, upon using PushBack? Yes, the Checklist was followed and Nose wheel was set to armed. 

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My suggestion: two things to check: hydraulics on - and the nose wheel on the 650 has a max angle of 55 degrees.  It's free wheeling after 55 degrees even if steering is armed so you need to reset it.
So your pushback should always end with a straight line to make sure the front wheel is centered.


Other than that (and I had that happen) I had my steering tiller mapped in x-plane to two different axes and nothing worked right until I fixed my mapping and I too was going around in circles.

I don't know what happens if you try to taxi the plane on anything but tarmac so it's possible that hot start modelled mud ruts and snowrunner-esque behaviors with the 650 - I wouldn't put anything past them at this point lol.

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