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Like everyone else here, absolutely gobsmacked with this amazing module! Congrats!


After some training flights I took the plunge and added the CL650 to my Air Hauler 2 stable of aircraft.

2 Observations/Issues I encountered:

1. Is the CL650.acf value for P acf/_m_fuel_max_tot correct? By default it's 44092440.0 ?

This causes an exception when attempting to import the aircraft into AH2. Presumably when importing an aircraft, AH2 expects a value in pounds (lbs) here and was throwing its toys out of the pram. Temporarily changing this to approx. realworld value of 20000.0 allowed the import to work.

2. The second (principal) (showstopping) issue was a dataref usage one:

sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_running is 0 after engine start

because you're probably using a custom set?

This dataref is used by AH2 as a trigger to progress flight tracking. Without it currently, AH2 recognises the CL650 is in-sim, but flight tracking stalls making human flights in the CL650 not possible currently. 

Please can this be looked at or considered for a fix/workaround? I love AH2 as it gives me purpose for firing up the sim and visiting places I would otherwise never have thought to visit, especially in your nice shiny new CL650;) 

Many thanks in advance for your consideration

For reference, it was also reported here at the time of writing: 


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Thank you for your reply and clarification.

As I mentioned, that wasn't the main problem (should've opened a separate post I think :) ) and also the fuel values are not injected (to my knowledge) but set manually in-sim to correspond to what AH2 thinks you have in the tank or whatever you set it to (like your FSE example). Same goes for cargo/payload values.

The main problem as I see it, is the 'engines running' datarefs  being custom and therefore making tracking a human operated flight in the CL650 in AH2 not possible at this time.

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11 hours ago, Rastuasi said:

So this plane ignores input from outside sources. Like in FSE, you will have to set up the plane up to match FSE then start flight. It will not allow weight and fuel injection. The plane will allow read access though, so it'll know what you burn and where you are

From what I tested earlier today:

Fuel can be injected (and withdrawn) by manipulating individual tanks through CL650/fuel/tank/mass[], it's just the default dataref for fuel that does not have any effect on the Challenger. Fuel will immediately start to distribute/equalize between linked tanks (nice to watch on the study panel). Depending on where FSE writes fuel values to it might be possible to transfer them to the correct datarefs using a script. sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fuel_total appears to give the correct readout, though.

Payload weight can be set via sim/flightmodel/weight/m_fixed and CG can be modified via sim/flightmodel/misc/cgz_ref_to_default. Both these datarefs are the default ones, matching the Weight & Balance dialog sliders. I'm not entirely sure if that really affects the Challenger how it is supposed to but at least it did have an observable effect on ground.

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Ok guys,

possibly we have temporarily happy days until this issue has been fixed. I would like to draw your attention on this post here:

Type Rating issue on Hot Start Challenger 650 | Air Hauler 2 Forums (justflight.com)

as you can see, those who use FlyWithLua have an edge here and can use the plane and AH2 together until this issue has been fixed by HotStart. I would recommend to go through the whole topic of appr. 35 posts but well, the lua script is what you need.

Working on 2 ends on this problem tells me one thing: this community is really awesome. People from everywhere around the globe face a problem and their only intention is to work together and overcome or at least temporarily solve this problem.

That's why I'm so proud of being part in this community. Keep it up.

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