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Cant get VPATH to engage on RNAV approach

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For the life of me I cannot get "VPATH" to show to give me a glidepath descent on a RNAV approach.  I'm on final,  APPR is armed.  I have my altitude dialed in before I get to the final TOD waypoint but all it will do no matter what I try is show VPITCH.   Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? 

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35 minutes ago, Graeme_77 said:

What altitude are you selecting before passing the FAF?  Also, are you aware you can select the approach mode and get a LNV/VGP approach rather than worrying about VPATH?

1) I tried both the PLV and LNAV/VNAV DA's, rounding up to nearest 100'.  Always just had VPITCH pop up. 

2) As for LNV/VGP, no not away but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to the procedure to do so.  (Maybe when you get to your landing tutorials ;-) ) 

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5 minutes ago, Graeme_77 said:

OK, approach mode should just work. There are some approach profiles shown in the Operations Reference in the docs folder. For the VPATH approach can you send a screenshot including the PFD and CDU flightplan just before the final approach intercept? 

I'll post it later this evening. My previous Challenger flight is where I encountered this so I'll just reload the 1000' save, do a go around and capture the above.  Unless its a bug that manifests itself using a saved state, my guess is its pilot error on my part.  Just need to figure out what step I'm forgetting.  

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