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I just noticed that the wheel tiller and the elevator for more sensitive like other controls. I am using Honeycomb Alpha. For wheel tiller Saitek X52 and even this is weird, because here I have to turn just a couple of millimeters and I am turning like a Ferrari. No sensitivity curve changes were done.

But if you say that this is typical for CL650, I am more than happy.

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The developer has told me the Challenger has Hydraulic Actuated Control Surfaces, and those Hydraulic Units gets their command from simple connection cables and pulleys between them and the Flight Controls. The Flight Control has no fancy ForceFeedback system for the pilot, just Springs, to make it heavier the more you displace from center.


A side effect of that simplicity is that you will feel no need of increase force to move the controls across the entire envelope of speeds. Be it 100 knots, or 300 knots, they feel is the same. This makes the controls feels way more sensitive at higher speed, and is a realistic simulation of the real aircraft.

Hope this helps explains how it all work.

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