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VOR Radial & Distance waypoints in the Collins FMS

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At present, the format in which Simbrief outputs VOR radial & distance waypoints does not work with the Collins FMS. To enter the waypoint manually in the correct format do (VOR IDENTIFIER)(RADIAL)(FORWARD SLASH)(DISTANCE).


Shannon Radial 237 @ 40 miles: SHA237/40

Cork Radial 049 @ 27 miles: CRK049/27

Dublin Radial 345 @ 17 miles: DUB345/17

The above can be entered into the scratchpad and subsequently the flight plan just like any other waypoint.

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7 hours ago, Ed Moore said:

Is there a way to build a user waypoint off a fix in your flightplan, eg. if you wanted to make a pseudo base leg fix off the CI for the runway?


1) Enter name (of your choosing, five characters) in the top left where I've put "EDDDD".

2) Choose a bearing and distance from an existing point and enter under PLACE BRG / DIST (You can do an intersection with just bearings below also)

3) Select STORE WPT

4) Navigate to DIR page and insert your new fix. 

Hope this helps!


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